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New book about François Schuiten: L'Horloger du rêve

François Schuiten: L'Horloger du rêve L'Horloger du rêve is a new book about François Schuiten. L'Horloger du rêve is written by Thierry Bellefroid, a journalist on the Belgian television where he hosts a weekly literary program Livrés à Domicile.

In L'Horloger du rêve Thierry Bellefroid stands on a 400-page inventory of different creative paths followed for forty years by François Schuiten.

Known for the comic book series The Obscure Cities he co-hosts along with Benoît Peeters since the late 80 at Casterman, François Schuiten is more than a gifted designer. Born in the mid-50s, he was only sixteen years old when he published his first story. He began his first film collaboration when he was barely in Saint-Luc, where he studied comic arts. And soon he would also collaborate on more important stage sets, including Cités-Cinés Montréal and for many traveling exhibitions, live performances and pavilions of the Universal Exhibitions.

This book naturally begins with an exploration of the childhood and youth to understand the roots of a vocation. Then it crosses both the universe of the Obscure Cities and the cinematographic collaborations with Just Jaeckin, Jaco Van Dormael, Martin Villeneuve and others.

L'Horloger du rêve is scheduled to be released by Casterman on November 6, 2013.

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