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Urbatectures released

Today druc drac & Nebulo released their Urbatectures music album on the german Hymen records label.

This album is a musical interpretation of the albums La Fièvre d'Urbicande by Schuiten and Peeters.

The artists explored various modes of composition to illustrate the universe of the text, using the exquisite corpse technique (rive nord - rive sud), narrative transposition in accordance to the chronological sequence of events found in both the general storyline (urbicande) and specific sequences (les jardins suspendus, le réseau), mathematical composition relating to the evolution of the «network» (polynome), and finally freely inspiring themselves from the world created in the story (brigades urbatecturales, hexaèdre, micromega and sunurb).

You can buy the album in the iTunes Music store.

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