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Les Cités Obscures integrals

Les Cités Obscures integrals is a serie of books with the integral publication of all Obscure Cities stories until today. Casterman will publish four big volumes (around 350 pages each) in the style of the Japanese translation (253 mm x 193 mm), but with a different organisation of the stories.

For now only a French publication is planned.

Les Cités obscures - Livre 1 will be published on December 6, 2017. Livre 2 will be published in March or April 2018, Livre 3 in November 2018 and Livre 4 in March or April 2019.

The order of the stories is mostly chronological. Elements of Le Guide des Cités are used in connection with the different albums. For example in the first book the pages about Xhystos are just after Les Murailles de Samaris.

The price of each volume will be 45 euros.

This new integral edition will show the unity of the books and it will be like a travel through the obscure world, with a lot of connections Benoît Peeters

Livre 1

Les Cités obscures - Livre 1 will be published on December 6, 2017. This volume starts with Les Murailles de Samaris and Les Mysterères de Pȃhry. It continues with a story that has not been published before in an album: Dans les faubourgs de Pȃhry.

The book continues with La Fièvre d'Urbicande and another unpublished story: Urbicande opéra. The integral ends with L'Archiviste. Parts of Le Guide des Cités are added throughout the book.

The cover of the first book was revealed in August 2017. It is made of gray cardboard with the one cut out so you can see the following page. This first book will have 328 pages.

Les Cités obscures Livre 1 by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters

Comic shop Brüsel will publish a special print, printed on Modigliani 285 gram paper, signed by François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters and limited to 600 copies 1).

Some example pages of the first volume.

Livre 2

Les Cités Obscures - Livre 2 will be published in March or April 2018. It will hold the following stories:

  • La Tour,
  • La Route d'Armilia,
  • Brüsel

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François Schuiten, Benoît Peeters
ISBN 2203101687
EUR 45,00